Hunting Knives

Category: Hunting knives


These are sharp tools necessary to carry out the activity or sport of hunting.


There are three types: 

For topping, for general use, and for skinning.

Finishing knives:

They maintain a fundamental characteristic: they have a longer blade than usual to reach the vital organs from a distance and at the same time an adequate width to avoid prolonging the animal's suffering.

Our Cudeman Rehalero and Cudeman Facochero in three finishes, deer, red stamina and natural olive, are ideal for this activity.

Mountain knives:

They are the most recommended for small game hunters and for all those who are related to nature. Their shapes and designs are countless. Any knife that is carried in a hunt that is not for skinning or skinning, could be included in this category.

The Cudeman Ness Wolf or the Cudeman Pistolo (the oldest of the brand) are two very different tools but both fall into this very broad category.

Skinning knives:

These are essential working tools for skinning the animal once it has been slaughtered. For this reason they are small, light knives with rounded blades that facilitate the necessary cuts to remove the skin without tearing the viscera of the animal.

The Cudeman Haakon with its familiar skinner on the blade spine is the hunters' most popular choice for skinning tasks.

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