Survival Knives

Category: Survival Knives

A survival knife is a knife designed and manufactured to be used in emergency situations and to facilitate cutting tasks for the user. In general, a survival knife should be a reliable and sustainable tool that can be used for various tasks such as self-defense, protection, hunting or even preparing food in extreme situations.

The most important thing in a tool of this type is that it has a full tang blade, reliable and durable, has a comfortable handle with which we can work easily for hours without any discomfort, which is full tang blade and its sheath is practical and solid to store your knife without problems.

The handle must maintain a perfect grip in circumstances where it is wet or slippery. At Cudeman we opt for synthetic and hydrophobic materials such as micarta or G10.

The best known survival model of the brand is the Cudeman MT-5. Survival knife that for its design, size, steel and handle has become the flagship of our house. Its multi-position sheath and the possibility of adjusting the leather coupling with all accessories, make this tool super complete.

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