Category: EDC

EDC "every day carry" knives are very practical and functional knives for everyday use. They are small in size, lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry, yet sturdy enough to perform any common task. Many consider them as important in everyday life as their watch or wallet.

From cutting a strap, a piece of plastic from that package you just received, to cutting a rope, to eating... everyday tasks at home, at work, in the car, in the supermarket that with your EDC you will be able to perform without any problems.

The Cudeman Athenea (New 2023) is the perfect edc tool. Made of Böhler N690co steel and with a reduced size, it is ideal to carry it in your pocket or in the holster included in its complete version. Presented in two versions, green canvas or orange G10, it gives us the feeling that it can be a great top seller in a short time.

In Cudeman we strive every day a little more to offer our customers the best knives in the market. Our commitment to quality and customer service allows us to guarantee that our customers always receive high quality products.

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