Since 1988

Our company offers more than 38 years of experience at the service of knives lovers specially Spanish knives and pocket knives lovers.


Cudeman has known how to maintain the tradition of the handmade cutlery which was born in Albacete in the 17th Century until today.


Always using the best raw materials for the forge of the blade and the design of the handle. As a result, we offer a product which has received recognition worldwide.


We make our products in a traditional way, however, we can not ignore new technologies such as laser cutting, mechanized CNC, galvanized engraved, among others, which we also use.

Our knives and pocket knives are not only sold in Spain but all over the world, we are present in more than forty countries.

Cudeman offers a complete and new catalog, in which enthusiasts have a wide choice of knives, pocket knives, hunting knives, daggers, survival knives, in addition to high quality leather sheaths (our own production) and the latest Kydex sheath.

Among our models you can find different characteristics which respond to the different needs of the users: Hunting knives, Bowie, skinners, military knives, tactical knives, folding knives, survival knives, pocket knives and much more.

For the handles we use the highest quality woods and other materials like Stamina, Natural olive three wood, natural Cocobolo wood, bull horn and deer stag among others equally attractive. For our line of survival knives and survival hunting knives, like the “MT” line, for instance, and to make them even more attractive, we use Micarta in different colors with fiber spacers between the liner and the handle plate in several colors.

We work with different types of stainless steels such as 420, Molibdenum Vanadium, Sandvik 12c27, Sandvick 14c28n, VG-10 and Böhler N-695 (Equal to the 440-C) and carbon steel like XC75 or K-720.

Cudeman includes in all its knife line, a practical sheath of big quality, sole leather, split leather, black or brown, sheaths made with colored threads, cloth sheaths and the latest Kydex sheath.

Cudeman would like to thank our loyal followers for all these years of history by launching its new online catalog aimed to retailers and dealers. In it, every of the models we currently make can be seen giving a brief description of each of them. We really hope you love them and enjoy being part of our world of the sporting knife industry. We are here for you with the greatest excitement.

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