Hunting pocket knives

Category: Hunting knives

Hunting knives are essential tools for any hunter who wishes to enjoy his sport safely and comfortably whether hunting big game or small game. At Cudeman, we offer a wide range of high quality hunting knives designed specifically to meet the needs of the hunter.

For the nature lover, hunter and collector of Spanish made knives, we know the importance of the materials when acquiring your hunting companion. That is why the hunting knives that we manufacture in Cudeman are made of natural materials such as deer horn or ram's horn as well as including natural woods such as olive, walnut or curly birch.

From cutting, skinning or gutting game, to cleaning fish and cutting food during an outdoor expedition, our knives are designed to be useful tools in any environment.

A hunting knife can have different designs, finishes and steels. We offer liner lock, piston lock or back lock knives.

All the knives in our catalog are completely legal because as manufacturers of Albacete, in Spain is totally prohibited to manufacture and distribute knives with more than 11 cm blade, double-edged or semi-automatic.

In Cudeman we strive every day a little more to offer our customers the best hunting knives in the market. Our commitment to quality and customer service allows us to guarantee that our customers always receive products of the highest quality and durability.

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