Hunting axes

Category: Hunting axes

A hunting axe is a functional and indispensable tool for big game hunting. The hunter needs a blunt edge with which to fix and cut the bones of the game, collect the tusks or horns, or split the body parts to carry them more comfortably.

Big game axes usually have a considerable weight so that the cut is forceful and accurate. The steel used in Cudeman hunting axes is Böhler N-695, a hard and highly corrosion-resistant steel, capable of cutting through any bone that crosses its path.

If you are looking for an axe to cut firewood, they are also valid for this task. We are sure that no log will be able to resist the edge of our Tonka axe. Designed with double weight on the upper part of the blade, it will make the edge cut any object while exerting as little force as possible on the tool.

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