Category: Bushcraft

A bushcraft knife is a type of tool used to perform tasks related to nature and the outdoors. It is a typology that is precisely characterized by wood carving, tinder extraction in dry logs, branch pruning, spear making, etc. These knives are known for their robustness, durability and versatility. They are very popular among outdoor and camping enthusiasts.

The bushcraft enthusiast is looking for a practical and light tool to work wood for hours without any discomfort. At the same time it must have a steel that can be easily resharpened. That is why a bushcraft knife is made of steels with low hardness on the Rockwell scale such as MoVa steel (Molybdenum vanadium). The bushcraft knives are usually manufactured with wooden handles because their appearance brings the user even more into the bushcraft world. Cudeman bushcraft knives include the inner bushing for friction fire in their handles.

The leather holsters are simple and lightweight, yet sturdy and easy to wear on the belt.

If you like to hike or camp in the woods, a bushcraft knife can be your best ally either to help you gather wood to make fire or to kill boredom by carving a wooden figure.

The Cudeman Bushcraft or any of the Cudeman Buhscraft Sanabria I and II were designed specifically for outdoor bushcraft. It is worth mentioning that the scandi blade is becoming more and more the most sought after option by our customers for this activity.

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